Centrifugal fan principle

Centrifugal fans drive the working medium (air) perpendicular to the intake axial direction and create a centrifugal effect – the air enters the centre of the rotating impeller and is distributed between the impeller blades. As the impeller rotates, it accelerates the air outwards by centrifugal force. The impeller and the  fan casing are designed to meet the required air volume flow [m3 · s-1] and total delivery pressure [Pa].

Basic parameters for centrifugal fan design

Q – volume flow [m3 · s-1]
p – total pressure [Pa]
ρ – ambient air density [kg · m-3]
Revolutions (rpm) [n · min-1]
Frequency [Hz]
Voltage [V]
Casing position (direction)
Type of transported medium

Centrifugal fan drive

directly through the shaft (B1)
through the coupling (B3)
thourgh the fan belt (B2)

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